Putting the Third Coast First ®

Located at the intersection of the two American continents, the Gulf Region has evolved into a major commercial center - a "third coast." Whether doing business with the expanding economies of Latin America or involved in the vibrant energy industry, Phelps Dunbar can help.

World-Class Admiralty Practice

With one of the country's largest Admiralty and Maritime groups, we deal with all types of shipping issues - from routine contractual matters to maritime finance to collision litigation - and we maintain a 24/7 Emergency Response system for clients in situations requiring urgent action.

Construction is Booming

On the Third Coast, there are new development projects - both public and private - just about everywhere you look. Every project comes with legal issues at every phase. Some are routine, some are highly complex, but all require the kind of legal acumen and business savvy that we bring to the table.

Serving the Energy Industry

Drilling and production are mainstay businesses on the Third Coast, and we are deeply involved. We facilitate transactions between and among energy companies, and perform contractual work for a wide range of clients in the industry.

Expanding to the Third Coast?

Whether you want to manufacture jet engines, build pipelines or liquefy natural gas, we have the knowledge to take your project from concept to completion. The Gulf Region is a prime destination for new and expanding businesses and industries. We'll help you realize your Third Coast opportunities.

Focus on Health Care

We help clients with a variety of health care issues throughout the region. In the health care industry, we facilitate transactions and perform HIPAA and PPACA work for a range of institutions. We also assist companies with Medicare/Medicaid payment issues, corporate compliance, and other regulatory issues.


Third Coast job growth is well over
three times the national rate
The  largest  port in the United States is in Louisiana
 Texas and Florida ranked
#1 and #2 in best in the country for business
 Louisiana Ranked
#1 Best Business Climate in the USA


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